- Tuna Cages



Proteus has collected through the years a huge experience in designing and commissioning cages for tuna ranching purposes.

Single tube cages

  • Ideal for long distance tuna towing
  • Circumference up to 160m
  • Base pipe dia 450mm
  • Hot dip galvanized stuncheons and towing brackets
  • 5 or 7 additional buoyancy fenders
  • Base pipe and fenders filled with expanded PU foam

Double or triple tube cages

  • Ideal for holding (fattening) purposes
  • Circumference up to 150 meters
  • Two base pipes dia 315mm or 450mm each
  • Rotation moulded heavy duty brackets
  • Dia 110mm railing
  • dditional dia 110mm base pipe for security + ergonomy
  • Pipe filling with EPS cylinders

We also deliver all tuna related marine equipment like:

  • Towing bridles
  • Chains and ropes
  • Weights up to 1000kg
  • Lead ropes of up to 5kg/m
  • Flashing lights and radar reflectors for transport and mooring

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