Tunnel Wine Trimmer


The basic set of the trimmer consists in a lower load-bearing frame, provided with an universal joint for the tractor, with hydraulic cylinders for adjusting the span, the uplift and the cutting tilt. The cut bar is a movable double blade section, capable of a 80 mm translation. The controls are operated by a control console in the booth, which controls a electric distributor. An holding shaft makes it easier to detach the trimmer once the work has been completed.


  • Vertical Blade L=1500mm.
  • Vertical Blade L=1850mm.
  • Vertical Blade L=2100mm.


  • Trimming Collector On Vertical Blade.
  • Height Hydraulic Adjustment Of The Top.


  • Manual Control Version.
  • Version Without Distributor, Electrical Control And Hydraulic Pipes.

  • Width 135 cm
  • Height 250 cm
  • Lenght 85 cm
  • Weight 400 kg
  • MIN Working Width 20 cm
  • Max Working Width 100 cm
  • Blades Traslation 80 mm
  • Vertical Blade Height 1500cm 1850cm 2100cm
  • 'Top' Lenght 110cm
  • Working Lenght 600 cm
  • MIN Pump Capacity 20 It/min
  • MAX Pump Capacity 40 It/min
  • CE Certification Yes

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