Model TUR 620 - Front Loaders



Control valves used in TUR loaders have, as a standard the 'FLOATING' function which is extremely useful while working in a contact with the ground (gathering up with the bucket, snow plough operation, etc.). On an uneven ground the 'floating' function protects the loader's tools from damage.

  • easy loading and unloading of various materials

  • fast and easy exchange of tools

  • very useful in farm works

  • easy coupling and uncoupling of the loader

Control valves with the sensor line

Tractors which have piston pumps with the variable oil delivery (CCLS system) are fitted with control valves equipped with the sensor line especially adapted to the tractor's hydraulics. If the sensor line signalizes the demand for oil, then the pump supplies oil equivalently to the needs of the loader. The innovative solution has two advantages: it allows to use quick- couplings of external hydraulics for other applications and significantly reduces the energy needed to drive the hydraulic pump (fuel). 

In-line oil supply

The possibility of connecting the oil supply directly to the main oil gallery in new types of tractors provides the following advantages:

  • increased comfort through faster and smoother movements of the loader,
  • longer life of the oil pump,
  • use of quick- couplings of external hydraulics for other applications without disconnecting the oil supply to the loader’s control valve.

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