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Turbo Belt Elevators



The Rekord Europ-Turbo range of high specification general purpose farm elevators is designed to offer high capacity combined with gentle handling and trouble-free operation.


The range comprises three models - 8.0m, 10.0m and l2.0m in length and standard features include :-

  • Tough, 60cm wide, reinforced rubber belt with full width 35mm deep, chevron style, moulded rubber cleats.
  • Using a unique system of adjustable rollers, the elevator can be used either as a troughed or flat belt.
  • Easy change drive system gives three belt speeds - 30, 50 and 88 metres per minute.
  • Separate 1 hp electric motor drives the hydraulic system which provides the power to the hydraulic rams used to control elevator height adjustment.
  • Twin, side-mounted hydraulic rams eliminate any risk of distortion of the elevator bed and give smooth and easy lifting.
  • A manually adjusted ‘swan-neck’ section at the discharge end of the elevator gives a reduced drop to avoid spillage and guard against the risk of damage to susceptible crops.
  •  Robust undercarriage with large diameter rubber tyred wheels with castor arrangement for easy maneuverability.
  • Detachable drawbar for easy movement from site to site.
  • Suitable for a wide range of bulk farm produce such as grains, potatoes, onions, cider apples and a wide variety of other products in bulk, bags or bales.
  • The elevator can be powered by either single or three-phase electric motors or a petrol driven engine.
  • A round, rubber covered receiving hopper to suit conveyors or grain chutes is fitted as standard equipment. A full width hopper to suit tipping trailers is available as an optional extra.
  • To the left - Round rubber receiving hopper standard.
  • To the right - Both the tension of the drive belt and speed of the main elevator belt can be quickly and easily adjusted using the tensioning screw and choice of drive pulleys.
  • To form a troughed belt the the carrying rollers are located in the raised position. For flat belt operation, the carrying rollers are located in the lower position.
  • To the left - A detachable drawbar for ease of movement site to site.
  • To the right - The wheels castor to enable easy lateral movement.
  • To ensure that the Europ-Turbo elevator is a truly versatile performer, there are a range of optional attachments. These are shown on the next page together with specifications.

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