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The Combo range, abrrevation of 'combined', is one of the production excellence of Idrofoglia. This range is composed by one Turbopump plus one Motorpump assembled in one skid and it is conceived to optimize end user operations, being simple and easy to manage in terms of displacement and use. Besides keeping all the advantages of the Turbocar, this machine is compact and strong. Moreover, it is equipped with control panels that allow customized irrigation programs in order to minimize the management costs, granting high-level performances.  Combo is available in the booster type as well as in the version that sucks directly from the irrigation river.

  • Compressor discharge
  • Removable and adjustable tow-eye
  • Double staker leg, double filling point
  • Hydraulic movements control
  • Control lever for suction arm
  • Stabilizers driven by hydraulic pistons placed inside frame
  • Foldable light-bar for road-type approval
  • Reinforced anchorage rear plate
  • Bigger and stronger chassis

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