- Model IG1.1 / IG1.1S - Irrigation Systems



Powder painted sheet guards for a longer duration. Gearbox-turbine with the best performances of its category. Double water entry (turbine and the opposite side). Steel inlet supports with bronze and nylon bush that does not need the maintenance. Cast iron inlet seal with LOM and OR. Hose drum with core in calendered sheet (it does not damage the PE hose but extends its life), internal rays that allow the use of the machine also in extreme conditions. Wheels in the centre of the machine to make the load less heavy on the tractor. Clamps with telescopic steams for trolley anchoring and lifting.

Hose reel irrigator with turntable 360° and wheels. Hydraulically raised/lowered, equipped with:
  • Galvanized frame on IG1.1-IG1-IG1.S. Painted on IG2-IG3
  • Painted reel
  • Mechanical parts painted with RAL colour No. 5017
  • Flanged turbine on the gearbox with speed control and compensator
  • 4 speed gearbox, with mechanical drive disengagement, device for rewinding through PTO and rewinding out of the drum
  • Digital hour meter
  • Leadscrew hose layering device
  • 2 wheels sprinkler trolley with adjustable track
  • Hydraulic system with quick clutches to be connected to the tractor and with five control levers for: rotation, right and left wheel lift, jack, trolley lift and staker legs
  • Drawbar with adjustable connection in height and lateral staker legs
  • Sectoring sprinkler with set of nozzles
  • Supply hose 4mt. with female ball joint on line side
  • Double water inlet
  • Instructions and maintenance handbook
  • Guarantee coupon

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