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Model Turboflow - Inspectacle Dripper



Composed of labyrinth created on the two sides of a cylindrical insert, placed in an easy-to-disassemble shell for facilitating any necessary cleaning. During disassembly, the insert in its seat, therefore minimising the risk of accidentally loosing it, even when disassembling during the irrigation cycle. It is particularly easy to take apart thenks to the different kinds of materials used to manufacture it.

Extremely versatile, especially in systems with water that is not particulary filtrated, on level ground and where self-compensating drippers are not necessary.

Inlet made of anti-UV stabilished, black plypropylene, realized in plypropylene , must guarantee resistance to atmospheric agent and corrosion phenomena due to fertirrigation. Insert made of a special soft material that guarantees perfect adherence to walls of the dripper.

Passage to a turbulent flow, wide section labyrint with minimum risk of clogging.
Take with attachment for Ø 3,5x6 micro-tube.
Outlet with attachment for manifold 2 o 4 outputs.
Avaiable in 2/4/8/16/20 L/H with insert make in different coloured to allow immediate capacity identification: 2L/H white insert - 4L/H green V - 8 L/H blue insert - 16L/H brown insert and 20L/H black insert.

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