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- Model HTD/HF Series - Plate Chillers



HTD and HF Series Heat Exchangers transfer heat to a thin film of liquid falling on the outside of a plate. The refrigerant is contained on the plate's inside.

The falling film plate type heat exchangers with larger and more plate sizes for higher production. Broader selectivity better performance lower operating cost food / beverage / chemical / manufacturing

The Flexibility of Proven Equipment

HTD Series:
stands for High Temperature Difference. Fluids are chilled or heated over large temperature differences, ranging from 5 degree F to 60 degree F. A relatively low fluid flow accompanies the high temperature difference.

HF Series:
stands for High Flow. Fluids are chilled over narrow temperature differences, ranging from 1 degree F to 2 degree F. The plate's long, narrow geometrical configuration enables high fluid flow for low temperature differences. Equipment to accomplish these concepts has been researched and developed by TURBO engineers for years. Computerized engineering design and welding manufacturing now make available capable heat transfer equipment for a multitude of applications across the spectrum of Industry. This broad experience is now being put to use in fluid chilling, as well as the transfer of heat, for specific new markets. What makes these the world's finest liquid heat exchangers? It's in the experience that really counts. That's where we've obtained the many differences that make these units the most cost effective in the industry.

Broader Selectivity
TURBO offers users greater selectivity with a complete line of standard HTD/HF units. Standard plate sizes: 48'*60', 72'*60',96'*60',144'*24'. Choice of freon or ammonia refrigerants. Packaged evaporation and condensing units. Many options are available. For flooded systems. For recirculating systems. Total flexibility in standard design for plate sizes, reservoir capacities, water distribution systems. These models can handle all kinds of fluids safely, efficiently. From clean water to contaminated liquids with solids. Even moderately viscous solutions can be chilled economically.

Better Performance
It's the highly effective falling film heat transfer system. You can chill free flowing liquids to within one Fahrenheit degree of the freeze point. Solids up to 1/4 inch diameter can pass through the water circuit. No freeze-up problems. Water, brines,glycol solutions, all with comparable characteristics can be control-chilled within a degree of their freezing points. Designed and built to produce controlled temperatures for hours, weeks, months, even years of continuous operation.

Lower Operating Cost
These units are virtually trouble-free. And that results in more production time, more user operating profits without product contamination. Easy to clean and inspect. Very little downtime for any maintenance. All of stainless steel construction for long life and corrosion resistance. The HTD / HF Series can solve almost any problem of chilling circulating water, beverages, juices, syrup, chemicals, process liquids of practically any kind. Highly efficient falling film heat transfer systems without freeze-up problems are designed to-the-job. They can help cut operating costs substantially.


  • Fish Red Water
  • Packaged Soups
  • Poultry Red Water
  • Syrup Packages
  • Offal Processing
  • Raw Fish
  • Red Meat Spray Water
  • Cheese Vats
  • Bakery ingredient Water
  • Produce Field Heat Removal
  • Live Lobster Storage
  • Immersion Freezers
  • Steamed Crayfish
  • Citrus Fruit Washing
  • Pickle Brine
  • Refrigerated Sea Water
  • Blanched Vegetable Cooling
  • Ice Machine Prechiller
  • Processed Meat Brines
  • Chopped Lettuce
  • Packaged Produce
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Photographic Paper
  • Thermal Storage Water Prechill
  • Waste Water Heat Recovery
  • Marine Engine Test Tanks
  • Quench Tanks


  • Orange Juice
  • Dextrose
  • Soft Drink Water
  • Dairy Chilled H O systems
  • Wine Vat Cooling
  • Dairy Glycol Systems
  • Grape Juice Chilling
  • Ice Bank Prechiller
  • Juice Concentrate Water


  • Chemical Reaction Control
  • Acid Solution Recovery
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sodium Chloride Solutions
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Dyes
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mineral Recovery


  • Concrete Chilled Water
  • Demineralized
  • Plastics Molding
  • Cyclotron Cooling
  • Laser Equipment Cooling


  • 304 or 304L Construction
  • 2 Inch Square Tubing Frames
  • 16 Gauge Plates
  • Schedule 10 Stainless Steel Refrigerant Headers
  • Welded Construction
  • Double Welded Plate Edges
  • Heavy-Duty Hardware


  • ASME Code Design
  • 200 PSI-MOP
  • 1° to 21° of Freeze Point
  • No Damage from Freeze-Up
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Easy Access for Cleaning
  • Fully Researched Heat Transfer


  • USDA Acceptance
  • Various Door Configurations
  • 2 Inch Insulation-Evaporator & Reservoir
  • Freon,NH3 and Glycols
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Hinged Doors
  • Retrofit Capacity Increase
  • 4 Reservoir Sizes for Each Plate Size

HTD / HF Series Comparison

Compare the Many Differences in Liquid Heat Exchanger Technology

  • Liquid Heat Exchangers may appear alike. But don't be fooled by what you see... or may not see. There are differences.
  • Differences that can have important meaning for you. This graphic comparison shows how Turbo's experience, facilities, basic design, and skilled people can make a difference. TURBO does make the difference.

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