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SharpShooter Turf combines a tip-management system with rate control technology to solve the greatest limitation of modern sprayer technology - spraying from one tip size at a time. As an aftermarket retro fit, SharpShooter Turf uses patented blended Pulse-Width Modulation technology providing a simple solution of having exactly the right effective tip size to maintain both a set rate and a set pressure throughout the entire sprayer speed range. SharpShooter Turf permits independent operator control over pressure, droplet size, rate and speed without ever changing tips. It may seem magical but the impact on operational efficiency, application quality, drift control and chemical savings is profound. Since the spray function is controlled at the tip, spray shut off is instantaneous. The flow and pressure are retained in the boom at the tips so when the boom is turned on there is instant flow at the proper rate and pressure.

Reduce fairway spraying time by 25 to 40%

  • With higher average spraying speed at constant rate, pressure and droplet size.

Improvement application quality

  • With low speed spraying at constant rate, pressure and droplet size
  • Challenging terrain coverage with speed changes
  • Optimum chemical performance with a targeted VMD droplet spectrum
  • Instant ON/OFF spray control at the tip

Improved Drift Control

  • On-the-go, operator-determined drift control
  • Larger spray window by reducing time lost to the wind

Chemical Savings

  • From low speed over-application
  • Entering and leaving a spraying area

Solves Rate Controller Pressure Variations

Lays the Foundation for Using GPS Mapping Rate Controllers

  • With individual nozzles sections and
  • Automatic overlap chemical savings

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