Turner Herringbone and Parabone Stalls


Built First for Cow Comfort and then for Strength that is Unmatched in the Industry!  With the same Bolt together Structure as our Parallel, Installation is quick, easy, and requires no welding.  And once again gives unbeatable strength to the Product. Some of the Benefits and Quality that sets Turner Herringbone and Parabone stalls apart from the Competition are: Turner Drop Rail Is Another Option for a Herringbone Brisket Rail.  Rail made of Heavy 4 x 8 Tubing, with no where for cow legs to get caught, and strong enough to keep straight.

Turner Vertical Lift Double Rail Brisket Bar is our most Popular Option.  Vertical Lift Double Rails are made of 2 x 3 Tubing with a smooth face for no rub spots.  Air Powered Indexing also available.

The Splash Shield Construction is Complete Stainless Steel.  The Double Top Rail Construction ensures a Stronger Stall, and Less overall movement.  All Tubing used on Turner Herringbone Splash Shields is 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ Stainless Steel.

The Splash Shields are constructed using 10 Gauge Stainless Steel Sheeting.  Welded construction using heavy material Trusses the Splash Shield ensuring even greater strength.

Stall Spacing from 30″ to 48″ to fit your barn, your needs and wants.  Made to fit Jerseys and Holsteins.

Low Ceilings are often a problem in older barns.  Turners cable lift design helps eliminate the issue.  Not only is this barn durable and long lasting, it is beautiful and lifts perfectly level every time.

Turner Herringbone are a clean durable fit to your cows.  Once again built to fit your cows and your barn. Bettencourt Dairy, Wendell, Idaho

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