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TWIN FAN has been created for dense cultivations (3m) which are quite high (3-4 m), to treat them using air-based methods and increase the treatment speed, thereby saving time and money. The choice of two fans, one over the other, with a speed change for each one, has been dictated by the need to apply treatment efficiently, even at quite high speeds and in the presence of wind, to the tops of trees without having to over treat the first half of the tree.

Air volume at 540 rpm and two separate speeds, top and bottom, of 25000-60000m³/h

  • Comet IDS 1501 4-diaphragm pumps 150l/min
  • Tank to clean the system, hand basin
  • Container for pesticidesi
  • Machine controls in ergonomic position
  • Dual pressure
  • Premix and bottle washer
  • Chemical suction probe
  • 16 adjustable nozzle holders with three types of nozzle
  • Rear bumper and hose support
  • Bypassable double mixing
  • Manual, electric or computerised controls
  • Side levelling
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Tiller bar with road approval



3.35 mt with steering bar
1.23 mt with tires 10.0/75 - 15.3
1.31 mt with tires 13.0/75 - 16
2,15 m
650 Kg

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