- Model TWINJET - Spreading Boom



The Twinjet spreading boom makes it possible to spread slurry in a traditional way by means of a ‘‘dual-nozzle’’ system. The two pipes have a swinging scatterer at their end, allowing to spread over a very large width.

Direct feeding: Without mMacerator
The distribution box has two Ø 125 mm outlets with quick coupling and a deflecting plate holding back the foreign bodies. The stone trap is emptied by an access to the distribution box.

Hydraulic Folding
All booms are fitted with a hydraulic folding system that has an insignificant overhang and that does not affect at all the driving of the carriage. During transport, the whole is fastened by a boom clipping system These has a height adjustment device and a craddle with a damping rubber.

The hydraulic folding system has the following specifications:

  • hydraulic safety device;
  • locking of the boom wings in transport position thanks to interlocking supports;
  • diagonally positioned rams (not vertically) to better hold the boom in position (reduction of the swinging movement).

For a higher safety, the folded boom is such that the position of the macerators is pointed inwards so as not to exceed the boom size. From 18 m wide, a double folding system is required.

The macerator is of utmost importance in order to make sure the spreading implement works properly. 9 m booms have one single macerator, while those from 12 m have two of them in order to get a greater reactivity at the beginning of the spreading phase and to reduce load losses (slurry is more uniformly spread).

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