- 2.50 m - 8.00 m Short Disc Harrow



Already the pre-crop harvest paves the way for a successful subsequent tillage. The turning of stubble after harvest should utilize the left-over humidity of the soil and therefore provide the seed advancement of weed seeds and lost crop. No matter if conventional soil cultivation is done with a harrow or non-turning operation.

The TWISTER is an extremely compact and versatile universal machine. The TWISTER therefore is suitable for working on small and large farms, independently from field-sizes. With an optimal operation speed of 10-16 km/h the best mix and the desired working pattern can be reached. An impressive daily performance and a reduction of the operation processes will astonish you.
The Einböck TWISTER works most effectively in a working depth of 4-10 cm. After operation the soil surface is smooth and reconsolidated: nevertheless the right choice of the trailing tool is important. Einböck offers various trailing rolls, which cover the total spectrum of perfectly work under the different soil conditions. No matter if cylinder shaped or torpedo roll, 1-row Nova disc, Ringpacker or Trapezium - Farmflex roll, every roll has its strengths in its operation segment. The rubber suspension of the disc arms absorbs shocks and saveguards the discs and frames from damage. The slightly angled, concave and serrated-edge discs with a diameter of 530 mm cut very aggressively into the soil for a proper mixture of straw, soil and residue. The staggered arrangement of the discs with 2 beams in direction of motion for a 100% worked through surface.

The Einböck TWISTER deserves its name as year-round machine since it offers optimal seed bed preparation, especially for winter-greened areas. The especially developed levelling blade between the discs and the trailing appliance contributes to this.

The setting of the working depth is done with the parallelogram-driven trailing roll in the punched notch, to which the levelling plate is coupled. Additionally the levelling plate for fine settings is height adjustable. For the 3-point-linkage Einböck offers the TWISTER in 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 m working width. Hitch is available as option for the hydraulically foldable machines starting at 4 m working width, prerequisite for a drill machine attachment.

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