- Model 4 - Wide Corrugated Grain Bins



Twister’s new 4' wide corrugated grain bins are available in capacities up to 380,220 bushels.

Roof Design

  • Corrugated with 30-degree roof slope on all models
  • 3' high multi-step roof rib 
  • Pre-punched rolled edge flange for 15' round or gooseneck roof vents
  • 40' filler cap opening with remote opener
  • Additional rib stiffeners available for higher snow loads, higher peak loads or temperature cable loads

Ladder Design

  • Optional outside and inside ladders available
  • Outside ladder includes safety cage for bins 6, 7 and 8 tiers high
  • Outside ladder includes safety cage and platform for bins 9-12 tiers high

Bin Unload

  • High capacity 11' U-trough unload 
  • 8' or 10' tube unload 
  • 7' power sweep 
  • Large center hopper
  • Pre-positioned intermediate hopper 
  • Incline, vertical or horizontal powerheads available


  • Complete catalogue available as stiffened or unstiffened
  • Roll-formed deep, galvanized lipped hat sections for maximum efficiency
  • Standard stiffeners are 88' and cover two rings; special top stiffeners are shorter to accommodate the wall height
  • All stiffener material is ASTM 653, Grade 50, Class 1


  • A large walk door, 64' x 30', standard on all unstiffened and stiffened bins
  • Three heavy-duty inner panels to allow easy access to the bin
  • A single pin door is used on 15' to 30' bins and a double pin door is used on series 33' and larger
  • Heavy-duty frame maintains the bins side-wall integrity
  • Optional auger chute available in bins up to 7750 bushel (260 m3) capacity

Full Floor Aeration

  • Easy to install full floor aeration 
  • Available in 18 and 20-gauge 
  • 7' wide lanced planking with 12% open area
  • 13' and 17' floor supports available

4' Corrugated Hopper Bottom Bins

  • Twister also offers a line-up of new 4' corrugated hopper toppers designed to fit 15', 18', 21', 24' and 27' hopper bottoms. With capacities reaching over 18,000 bushels, these new hopper bins are a great storage asset to any farming operation.

Other Available Models:

  • 3' Corrugated Flat Bottom Bins
  • 3' Corrugated Hopper Bottom Bins

Farm Bins

  • Farm Flat Bottom Bin Specifications
  • Farm Hopper Bottom Bin Specifications
  • Minimum Auger Lengths for Eave Heights

Commercial Bins

  • Commercial Flat Bottom Bin Specifications

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