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Model Two - Olive Self Propelled Harvester



The Continuous lateral harvesting machine realized from CRF, is the answer, all Italian, to the mechanical picking of the olive grove that are extensive, superextensive and most of all to the plants 'similar to hedge' that looks like the saw palmetto ( see Brevigli 1961), as written by Professor Marco Vieri who works from DIAF (Engineering and Agriculture Department of Florence University) on the dedicate journal ' Teatro Naturale' in the January 2008. The lateral collecting machine can work alone or in couples with two specula specimens that moves at the same time along the side of 'row'. The lateral collecting machine can pick up every typology of plants, without having dimensional bonds and without causing lesions on the plants, this in fact can provoke bacteria and fungi injuries that brings 'agronomic-gestational' issues.


On the basic version of this appliance, the picking group is composed with two couples of combs, one forward-facing and the other one downwards-facing, both combs can slants of 90° degrees and are attached on telescopic arms that have a 1 metre rage.
Thanks to this configuration you can work with a rage of 3.5 metres, but if you add the 5th comb (optional) on the couple front, the working range can get thought 5.30 metres. The extreme compactness and the reduced weight, allow to the picker to move with agility on damp grounds and also work without difficulty in the super extensive olive grove.


This appliance represents an innovative 'shaker' (patented) made with a shape of a rocking brush equipped with flexible beams that accomplish an angular waver thought a system made by valve-engine and an hydro-electric plant.
The regulation of oil rate and the time of action of electronic gearcase determine the variations of the largeness and the frequency of the movement of the comb. In this way, the operator can adapt the movements of the 'picker' in functions of the type of plants and the time of picking.


The system that capture the detached olives has the shape of an conveyor belt provided with mobile clay-pigeons with memory and is allocated on the beneath part of the 'shakers'. An automatic taste fix it on the trunk during the picking to avoid product losses.


On the beneath part of the tape is allocated an 'system' with outline rotating disc that pick up the branches to make them fall on the ground.
Meanwhile, the olives, by the cochlea before and by flexible pipe, are provisioned to the fun-aspirator installed on a telescopic arm which clean and put them into the bins or into the trailer.


Rear view of the harvester: the fun aspirator which clean and put into the bins or into the trailer, the hydraulic oil tank and the olives reduction net system which avoids their dispersion during the collection.


As shows the image elaborated by the computer, you can be noticed the structure of the new continuous lateral harvesting machine model OLIVE TWO SELF PROPELLED which will be produced in 2013. Each appliance employ one or two operators, depend on the shape of the 'olive row': if there is an authetic hedge, after had position the combs, it is enough one operator; in case of no regular rows, it’s necessary the second operator sits on the higher part of the appliance which, by command joysticks, moves two telescopic arms. When, of course it is necessary he brings the combs and he bend them to guarantee a better and accurate 'coiffure' of the frond and raises it even in the 'shadow areas' of the row. Unlike the 'grape-harvester', the machine can raise on every kind of intensive system, without having dimensional bonds and without causing lesions on plants which can provoke bacteria and fungi injuries. So, we can avoid actions on the pruning that have an high incidence on the global production costs.

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