Model TY-FRL - Upright, Pendent, and Recessed Pendent Sprinklers



The TYCO Series TY-FRL, 2.8, 5.6, and 8.0 K-factor, Upright and Pendent Sprinklers described in this data sheet are quick response, standard coverage, solder type spray sprinklers designed for use in light and ordinary hazard commercial occupancies such as banks, hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc. The recessed version of the 2.8 and 5.6 K-factor, Series TY-FRL Pendent Sprinkler, where applicable, is intended for use in areas with a finished ceiling. It uses a two-piece Style 20 (1/2 inch NPT) Recessed Escutcheon. The Recessed Escutcheon provides 1/4 inch (6,4 mm) of recessed adjustment or up to 1/2 inch (12,7 mm) of total adjustment from the flush pen dent position. The adjustment provided by the Recessed Escutcheon reduces the accuracy to which the fixed pipe drops to the sprinklers must be cut.


  • Light hazard/Ordinary hazard light hazard K=2.8 (40,3)
  • Typically used in hotels, motels, office buildings and other commercial and industrial applications

Hazard: Light Hazard,Light Hazard/Ordinary Hazard
Temperature: 165, 212
Thread: 1/2',3/4'
Approval: UL, C-UL, NYC, FM, LPCB
Response: Quick Response
SIN Numbers: TY1121,TY1221,TY3121,TY3221,TY4121,TY4221
Wrench: W9
Wrench [Recessed]: W12

An intermediate level version of the 5.6 and 8.0 K-factor, Series TY-FRL Pendent Sprinkler can be obtained by utilizing the Series TY-FRL Pendent Sprinkler in combination with the Model S4 Shield.

Sprinkler Identification Numbers

TY1121: Upright 2.8K, 1/2”NPT
TY1221: Pendent 2.8K, 1/2”NPT
TY3121: Upright 5.6K, 1/2”NPT
TY3221: Pendent 5.6K, 1/2”NPT
TY4121: Upright 8.0K, 3/4”NPT
TY4221: Pendent 8.0K, 3/4”NPT

TY1121 is a redesignation for S1879 and G8973.
TY1221 is a redesignation for S1880 and G8971.
TY3121 is a redesignation for S1864 and G8974.
TY3221 is a redesignation for S1865 and G8972.
TY4121 is a redesignation for S1866 and G8174.
TY4221 is a redesignation for S1867 and G8172.

Technical Data

UL and C-UL Listed. FM, NYC, and LPCB Approved. (Refer to Table A for complete approval information including corrosion resistant status.)

Maximum Working Pressure
175 psi (12,1 bar)

Discharge Coefficient
K = 2.8 GPM/psi1/2 (40,3 LPM/bar1/2)
K = 5.6 GPM/psi1/2 (80,6 LPM/bar1/2)
K = 8.0 GPM/psi1/2 (115,2 LPM/bar1/2)

Temperature Ratings
Refer to Table A

Sprinkler: Refer to Table A
Recessed Escutcheon: White Coated, Chrome Plated, or Brass Plated

Physical Characteristics
Frame: Bronze
Strut: Monel
Deflector: Bronze
Hook: Monel
Link Assembly: Nickel
Ejection Spring: Inconel
Button: Bronze
Bushing (2.8K only): Brass

The fusible link (heat collector) assembly is comprised of two halves that are joined together by a thin layer of solder. When the rated temperature is reached, the solder melts and the two link halves separate, allowing the sprinkler to operate.

Design Criteria
The TYCO Series TY-FRL Pendent and Upright Sprinklers are intended for fire protection systems designed in accordance with the standard installation rules recognized by the applicable Listing or Approval agency (e.g., UL Listing is based on the requirements of NFPA 13, and FM Approval is based on the requirements of FM’s Loss Prevention Data Sheets). Only the Style 20 Recessed Escutcheon, as applicable, is to be used for recessed pendent installations.

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