Tong Yang Moolsan(TYM)

- Model BT200 - Backhoes


TYM backhoes are specifically designed and fabricated for TYM models and provide the ability to perform an almost endless number of lifting and loading tasks. All TYM Backhoes feature a transportation safety lock. BT300 Featured. Safety lock is standard in all TYM Backhoes. BT300 Featured.

Customer reviews

  1. By Mary Andrews on

    I love my TYM tractor, with the bucket loader and backhoe. However, the USA support is bad. There are not enough dealers. People who own TYM products cannot buy parts. They have to use dealers, which is terribly unfair. The parts are not common sizes in the USA. Customer support on the TYM company website (at Wilson, NC) is bad. I have sent several emails and no one gets back to me.