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- Vertical Axis Mixer with Interchangeable Blades


Tynos was specifically designed and built to reduce biomass size to make it more digestible for bacteria and stimulate the fermentation process. Thanks to the reduced dimensions, the attackable surface grows and the gas production increases. Studies conducted at the Polytechnic University in Milan demonstrate biogas yield of 22% more compared to use of not-processed products.

  • Faster decomposition
  • Reduced sedimentation or floating phenomena of biomass in the reactor
  • Savings in energy consumption by the agitators
  • Reduced maintenance costs and down time
  • Reduced danger of clogged tubing and pumps

  • Loading by screw or conveyor belt
  • Outlet adaptable to conveyor belt, screw, pump, pre-digester
  • Weight 2,8 ton
  • Structure Inox AISI 304
  • Power 75 or 132 kW
  • Volume 0,5 mc
  • Coating Inconel 625
  • Helix interchangeable
  • N. rotatig blades 12
  • N. fix blades (optional) 4
  • Programmable opening via PLC
  • Power 2,3 kW
  • Adaptable to conveyor belt, screw, pump, pre-digester

Mixer for biomass and organic waste

It is suitable to treat materials such as silage, manure, straw, organic domestic waste, agro-food industry waste, sugar beet, butchering waste...

The biomass is reduced to a homogeneous mix that gives various benefits, also from the point of view of biogas system maintenance and management: the thicker the product introduced, the greater the mix solubility and the lesser formation of crust on the surface.

Tynos works with farming products, agro-food industry waste and organic waste.

  • Silage
  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Organic Waste
  • Silage and straw
  • Triticum

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