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Typar Landscape Fabrics are the ideal choice of many professional gardeners and landscapers. Their unique spun bonded construction creates durable, lightweight landscape fabrics that are able to block weeds without restricting moisture and fertilizer from reaching plants. The black color restricts light from getting through to further deter weed growth. Installation is a breeze, the fabric comes neatly off of the roll and easily follows uneven ground contours. The smooth rolls are easy to handle and cutting leaves no frayed or loose yarns. Typar Landscape Fabrics are designed to provide long life and to save you time and money on your next landscape project.

Typar Premium Landscape Fabric is the economical choice of many professional landscapers. At 1.9 oz per square yard, this dependable fabric effectively blocks weeds without restricting fertilizers and moisture from getting to the plants. It is recommended that Typar Premium Landscape Fabric be covered with 3' to 4' of garden mulch or decorative stone.

  • In Garden Areas
  • Under Mulch and Rock
  • Behind Timber Wall Planters
  • Planter and Pot Liners

Just as the name implies, Typar Professional Landscape Fabric is designed for discriminating, professional landscapers who demand the very best. At 3 oz per square yard, it is 50% stronger than our Premium grade. It is recommended that Typar Professional Landscape Fabric be covered with 3' to 4' of garden mulch or decorative stone.

  • Under Gravel Paths
  • Under Stone or Paver Walkways
  • Under Wooden Decks
  • Behind Brick or Stone Wall

For the Retailer, Typar Landscape Fabrics are available in handy self-dispensing cartons. Individually marked and packaged rolls come shipped in their own display carton. The cartons can be open three different ways to provide three unique ways of dispensing rolls. Colorful graphics adorn all of the sides of each carton.

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