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Model Type CB 260-1100 - Buoys



Strong, foam filled and unsinkable buoys, particularly well suitable for mooring fish cages and other aquaculture applications. The buoys are fitted with a high quality galvanized steel rod (2,8 cm ST 52) and swivel. Standard color is red.

Foamfilled and unsinkable buoys. They are reinforced with galvanized steel through rods,  or tubes, and are fitted with solid galvanized steel rod (ST 52). Standard color is red.

Developed for Aquaculture and Anchoring. Moulded from an 8 mm polystyrene  (density 250kg/m3). Because of the shape of the buoy, you can use it vertical as well as horizontal. It has also a new improved reinforced top plate, and the chain will not  damage the buoy with side wards forces. The wall thickness is 8mm, which is also  more than normal.

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