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Model type EDS - Electric Nut Runner



Multifunctional display: Easy input and management of all application data. Comprehensive control electronic: Control of the bolting process, automatic free-run. Torques: Power ratings from  100 Nm up to 13,000 Nm. Various versions: As right-angle, torque-angle, various control versions. Documenting bolting jobs digitally: Optional documentation system for EDS digital.

  • Standard reaction arm and inserts 
  • Powerful 1,300 W motor 
  • High-performance planetary gearbox 
  • Multifunctional display 
  • Directional and Locking Switches 
  • Special reaction arm with swivel foot 
  • Robust spade handle 
  • Custom reaction arm TWIN 
  • Custom reaction arm ring 

  1. Comprehensive control electronic:
    The EDS maintains continuous control of the tightening process and automatically adjusts the rotational speed according to the application.
  2. Automatic free-run:
    Once the previously set torque value has been reached the EDS automatically initiates “free-run”, relieving torsional binding at the reaction point for easy and safe removal of the tool after each bolting process.
  3. Suitable for on-site construction:
    The powerful motor is made to withstand the drastic voltage fluctuations common with using on-site generator power supplies.
  4. Optimal for international machine outfits:
    Automatic detection and adjustment to 50 Hz or 60 Hz power supplies.
  5. 2 gear stages:
    For changing between low and high gear.
  6. Precision:
    High degree of reproducibility of thetorque values up to ± 3 %.
  7. Independent rotation between handle and gearbox
    ensures steady and optimal positioning of the ITH EDS


  1. Rotation-angle controlled tightening
  2. Digital, customized documentation system
  3. Comprehensive range of accessories

Special reaction arms, extensions, and side-drives, mobile test and calibration with our testing devices.

  • EDSw at a cone crusher 
  • EDSw at a shipyard 
  • EDS at a construction machine 
  • EDS 250 at a rail vehicle 
  • EDS T-Form for railway sleeper connection 
  • EDS at chain plates 
  • EDSw α Blade bearing connection  
  • EDSw Twin reaction arm 
  • EDS at a dump truck 

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