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Soil rolling is a very important agricultural procedure which significantly affects the quality of the crops and subsequent harvest. The applied state-of-the-art HYDRO-PRESS system provides even pressure of all the sections of the roller to the soil. The rollers are equipped with the following rings:

  • cambridge – used for post-planting cultivation,
  • crosskil – used for crushing solids on the fields.

The direct benefits from the use rollers are: field levelling and breakdown of solids; improved seed-soil contact, which has significant impact on the uniformity of germination; moisture retention; soil erosion reduction; improved soil structure. TYTAN rollers can be successfully used for post-harvest cultivation in order to accelerate the process of putrefaction of straw and crop residues, as well as the germination process of scattered seeds, including weed seeds. These machines are also utilized on grassland. Additionally, the TYTAN rollers can be fitted with a leveller.

Standard equipment:

  • coupling for the upper hitch of the tractor

  • support leg

  • 10/75-15.3 ground wheels

  • hydraulic accumulator

  • frame with three hydraulic actuators

  • transport safety lock

  • three sections for the Cambridge roller

  • all versions are hydraulically collapsible, for pulling

Optional equipment:

  • straight drawbar for the lower hitch of the tractor
  • spring-tine harrow, hydraulically or mechanically adjustable
  • stiffening bar for the leveller
  • crates for the stones
  • illumination

Types of rings:

  • Cambridge ø 450, 500, 530, 600 mm

  • Crosskil ø 510 mm

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