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UFC Continuous Automatic Electric Heating Roaster



Grain Seeds Roasting Procedure: With the electric heating device that is hanging on the inner tube, place the nuts in there so it won’t turn black once the roasting process begins. For the heating roaster to conserve heat, the machine is installed with an insulator just outside the roller. With its great working feature, materials such as 30 kilograms of chestnuts will only spend an approximation of 30 to 40 minutes in the roasting chamber. Electric consumption will also not exceed over 2DEG. The machine’s operator can adjust the temperature of the roaster with the temperature controller found on the main control panel. Depending on the material demands of different industry sectors, the machine can adapt to different temperatures for roasting nuts, seeds, beans, etc.

Unitfine Machinery has six models of the Continuous Automatic Electric Heating Roaster. Each has a unique set of specs (load/batch, production capacity/hour, machine dimensions, and overall weight) fit for any industry’s material roasting requirements.

  1. Can process nuts and seeds similar to its texture such as peanuts, sunflower, walnut, castor, soybean, watermelon seeds, pecans, pistachio nuts, white pumpkin seeds, etc.
  2. Seasonings like fennel, anise, Chinese prickly ash, and many others
  3. Grain produce materials such as corn, wheat, black wheat, buckwheat, beans, coffee beans, cocoa beans, castor, chili seed, etc.
  4. Can be used for the production process of medicinal materials, whether to dry or steam fry.  
  5. Can be used to dehydrate or prepare all kinds of vegetables or tea drying. 

  1. Runs on electricity. Safe to use and can roast materials at an efficient rate. 
  2. Can be operated with minimal supervision as the machine is made to be easily used. 
  3. Made out of high-quality stainless steel plates so it’s easy to clean and will last a long period even with excessive everyday use
  4. Has a configuration gas pressure with a capacity to adapt to numerous fuel gas pressure sources which ensure stable fire running. 
  5. Produces less noise compared to other electric heating roasters in the market
  6. The core gas furnace is made out of copper, which makes the operational up to five years or more depending on the usage. 
  7. Operates with two or more gears meshing together
  8. Steel chain drive, stable, and low loss
  9. Installed with auto exhaust fans to pull out the moisture and odor to prevent it from damaging the roasting material

  1. Has the capacity to continuously produce roasted materials that are set by the industry standards even without stopping. 
  2. Uses high-speed separation to automatically segregate material particles such as salt and sand while in medium heat temperatures. 
  3. It is specifically made to be operationally safe and efficient. Its quality can be compared to military product standards.
  4. Can produce large outputs at a time depending on the materials.
  5. Recycles separated material particles and prevents it from mixing into the rolling drum. 
  6. Can be used by different manufacturing industries
  7. Automatically feeds materials with precision and consistency into the machine’s heating roaster chamber. 
  8. Has a high-frequency conversion speed

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