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Model UHT - Tubular


Field of application: In dairy and food industries. The tubular heat exchanger unit is designed for sterilizing and cooling of milk and juice as well as products containing fibers and particles. The sterilization temperature is typically 140C for 4 seconds holding. For milk sterilization, one pre heating section for protein stabilization is needed, i.e. 95°C for 30 seconds holding. Standard design: The unit is pre-assembled and tested before it leaves the facture. The installation on site only require connection to external service such as product inlet and outlet, water, steam, air and electricity.

The unit comprises:
- Frame
- Set of tubular heat exchangers with:
      Regenerating section
    Sterilization section
    Hot water section
    Cooling section
- Balance tank
- Product pump
- Holding tube
- Hot water pump
- Control panel with:
    PLC controller
    Color Human Machine Interface
    Alarm for high and low temperature
    Alarm for high temperature and low flow in hot water section
    Start/stop buttons for pumps
    Indicator for and control of pasteurizing temperature
- Set of internal pipes, valves and fittings

The unit is designed for CIP via recirculation over the balance tank and dosing of chemicals automatically.

1.Modular system for complete flexibility
2.Pre-assembled and factory-tested
3.Automatic control
4.Less product loss
5.Integration with existing control system
6.Skid-mounted for flexible relocation

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