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- High Productivity System


To satisfy the needs of ever more professional customers, we have increase number of beats to 1400bpm, constant also in tree with dense foliage.


Electronic management and smart software greatly reduces battery consumption because it is torque sensitive. When the rod comes into contact with the branches it reaches 1400bpm absorbing 2-5 Ah, otherwise it slows to 400bpm absorbing only 0,5 Ah, saving energy and reducing operators exposure to vibrations and noise.


Protects Battery Life
An indicator light gives warning when the battery is low permitting the use for few minutes. The power is stopped if voltage is too low to avoid damaging the battery.

Technical data:

  • Supply voltage: 12 Volts
  • Harvesting capacity: 120-140 kg/h
  • Beats per minute: 400-1400 bpm
  • Weight of the harvester: 750 gr
  • Weight of the telescopic rod: 900 gr
  • Lenght range of the telescopic rod: 1,7-3,0 m
  • Current consumption in stand-by: 0,5 Ah
  • Current consumption in work: 3/5 Ah


  • N.1 Harvester
  • N.1 Telescopic rod
  • N.1 Extension cable 15m
  • N.2 Carbon rods
  • N.1 Hex Key (Allen Key) 4 mm
  • N.1 Use and maintenance manual

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