- Model 800 - Universal Drill Seeders



The ULTIMA offers the professional arable farmer completely different possibilities Whether on ploughed ground through to much drilling or direct drilling the ULTIMA guarantees an even sowing depth even at high speeds.The sowing depth is controlled by a pre-press wheel that is located in front of each tine. This guarantees the consistent working depth even on uneven surfaces. The 60 mm wide sowing elements deliver band sowing with a band with of 12.5 cm.

The seed is pneumatically delivered into the grove left by the sowing element and it is covered by spring leveller sweeps, the STS roller reconsolidates the soil and following harrow finishes the work. Each sowing element is followed by a ring on the STS roller for exact reconsolidation guaranteeing a good capillary action The working depth of the sowing element is altered by a hydraulic cylinder. Within seconds the working depth across the whole drill can be altered from the tractor seat, this allows the right depth to be selected what ever the conditions. The pre-press wheels in front of the sowing element carry 70% of the machine weight ensuring the sowing elements are working into firm ground. Press, Sow, Press this is the ULTIMA system Fast and even seed delivery is proof of the sowing quality of the ULTIMA (See RKL Test) Professional technology for the professional farmer, the specification offered by the ULITIMA incorporates all the requirements of a modern drill.

All functions, fan speed, hopper contents, tramlining, metering wheel ,preemergent markers, fan speeds are monitored by sensors. Optionally a seed flow monitor can be supplied. Hopper filling can be done with a side loading auger.

Flexible usage

Whether working on ploughed ground, mulch ground or direct, the weight of the ULTIMA is carried on the pre-press rollers. The large transport wheels are raised during work allowing the weight of the machine (including a full tank of 4500 litres) to transfer to the pre-press wheels and the STS roller.

press, sow, level, press

Sowing on plough ground or mulch ground the reconsolidation allows even germination. In front of the sowing tine the prepressand depth guide roller firms the ground. After sowing the levellers even the soil and the STS rollers reconsolidates. The STS roller is constructed so that a roller ring matches a sowing element. This ensures that the total soil area is not firmed avoiding the danger of capping.

Sowing element Ultima

The single acting hydraulic ram on the sowing element gives sowing depth adjustment while at the same time acting as a shock absorber against stones.

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