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We are an official ‘Hardox In My Body’ manufacturer and have a new UltimaXtra Trailer range featuring Hardox bodies. Hardox is Stronger but lighter than conventional mild steel.

The UltimaXtra  range of Trailers is fitted with the same high spec features as our Ultima range with the following additions and optional extras available :-

Hardox Body

  • All UltimaXtra trailers are fitted with bodies fabricated from Hardox 450 steel.
  • The sides are lighter than the conventional mild steel ones used on the Ultima range.
  • They are pressed as shown for additional strength and this reduces the number of side channels required, resulting in further weight saving whilst maintaining strength

Ball & Spoon Type Hitch

  • Heavy duty bolt on hitches available with :-
    • Hitch eye
    • Swivel hitch eye
    • Ball & spoon coupling

Single Tipping Ram

  • Single multi-stage chromed tipping ram is available as an option on the UltimaXtra range.
  • The single tipping ram enables the trailer body to be lifted and lowered more quickly.
  • This arrangement uses less hydraulic oil than our conventional twin ram configuration, reducing wear on many components, including the tractor hydraulic pump.


  • Tri-axles are available as an option on the UltimaXtra  range.
  • Tri-axles are rumoured to be a consideration in the forthcoming second phase of legislation changes to speed and weight limits

Air Suspension

  • Air suspension is available as on option on the UltimaXtra range.
  • Air suspension gives a  cushioned ride and  improved road holding also reducing stress on the trailer components.
  • A constant ride height can be maintained even when the trailer is fully loaded.
  • Steering axle
  • Hydraulic Suspension

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