Model Ultra-Cool - Whole-Crop Silage



Ultra-Cool unique combination of Heterofermentative bacteria and Bacillus spp, supplying 1 X 106 cfu per gram of treated forage ( 1 million cfu/gram). Heterofermentative bacteria produce stable acids and metabolytes with a  broad spectrum of activity against moulds and yeasts. If not controlled these can lead to considerable spoilage and loss of nutrients.The rapid drop in pH restricts the growth of detrimental bacteria. Bacteriocins are also produced which are capable of killing many undesirable organisms that are responsible for spoilage. The presence of Bacillus spp. enhances fibre digestion via the production of digestive enzymes. The hydrolytic enzyme system in Ultra-Cool is designed to breakdown fibre and produce a more open structure to enhance digestion by the rumen microbes. The inclusion of Bacillus spp has the added benefit of continuing to produce digestive enzymes in the rumen when fed.This increases the utilization of the  cellulytic components of the whole crop


Delayed heating at feed out. Favours an efficient fermentation by  killing out undesirable organisms and therefore reducing dry matter loss.Improves fibre digestion by the action of the enzymes within the clamp. Reduces the production of mycotoxins which can restrict intake and lead to health problems. Improved rumen digestion by action of digestive enzymes produced by bacillus spp. NON CORROSIVE

Whole Crop should be harvested when grain is at the thick cheesy stage and bottom 1/3 of the plant is green. It is beneficial to put a layer of direct cut grass on top to aid consolidation and reduce gaseous exchange. The Danish experience has shown the best results are achieved when dry matter ranges between 35-40%

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