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- Hay Roller



Developed to level the soil in hay fields. Helps to speed up hay cutting time and minimize hay contamination and spoilage caused by dirt. Can be filled with water to add extra weight and improve leveling capabilities. Features a low profile design that provides excellent rear visibility in the field and on the road. Packs rocks and flattens mole, gopher and dirt hills. Superb for hayland, pastures and breaking.

Available in three widths:

  • 24 foot triple section unit
  • 30 foot triple section unit
  • 36 foot triple section unit

Heavy Duty Construction:

  • Varied drum sizes available
  • 7000 lb. drop leg jack
  • Double plated drum ends
  • Drum can be filled with water
  • Reduces wear on cutter bars
  • Reduces wear on crimpers and pickups


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