InTerra Environmental Solutions

Ultra Trace



Provides a complete micro-nutrient deficiency solution with all 8 essential micro-nutrients through sequestration and is a better alternative to sulfates or chelates

General Information:

  • Not crop specific
  • High performance, higher uptake (>70%) than chelates or sulfates
  • Produces high chlorophyll content in tissue
  • Assist with alleviation of Iron Chlorosis

General Recommendations:

  • Apply 2-6 oz per acre per application depending on application time during the growing season, consult your local InTerra representative or the personal application box
  • Can be applied via pivot system, side dressed, broadcast, DO NOT mix with sulfates as fall out will occur, DO NOT mix with Glyphosates, DO NOT apply for at least 10 days after any Glyphosate applications, all other chemicals should be jar tested.
  • Allow for sufficient dilution with water to achieve a uniform coverage without run off of leaf surface

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