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- Auger Flighting


Time is money, especially in farming. Having efficient, reliable equipment is a necessity. Any component that allows more product to be carried while lasting longer is exceptionally useful. That is why we created UltraFlyte auger flighting.

Why UltraFlyte?

  • UltraFlyte's auger flighting concave face provides for up to 90 bushels per hour faster conveying than Super-Edge auger flighting using an 8 inch auger, helping you get that extra load of the day to the elevator. Imagine the gains you will get on larger diameter augers!
  • UltraFlyte's auger flighting redesigned concave flight face, combined with it's smooth transition to the thickened outer edge - as well as the higher carbon steel, provides for much better wear and over 50% longer life than Super-Edge auger flighting.
  • Since UltraFlyte auger flighting wears so much longer, the productivity gains are realized over a much longer life thereby significantly reducing the auger's cost per bushel!

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