Model Ultralight 800 - Header


This header is the Ultimate for the professional and sets new standards in the harvesting technology. It opens a new dimension in fast and loss-free harvesting in all soil- and crop conditions, and this for cutting widths up to 16 m.  By using lightweight technologies from the airline- and car industries the header frame is made of aluminum, combined with high strength steel and stainless steel, which is the basis for this unique Vario header.

  • Cutting widths up to 16 m
  • Massive weight loss by increasing the stability
  • Header frame made of aluminum combined with high strength steel and stainless steel
  • Minimal vibration due to the rigid frame and double-sided drive of cutting knife
  • and intake auger
  • 800 mm variable cutterbar
  • Perfect flow of material in both short crop and rape
  • Integrated, hydraulic foldable side knives
  • Hydraulic angle adjustment for flat crop and different soil conditions
  • Robust stainless steel intake auger
  • Modern designed splashguard to prevent grain losses

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