- Model SG - Sulfonated Soluble Granule Fertilizer


UltraMate SG is a highly concentrated, sulfonated soluble granule (SG) formulation of sulfonated potassium humate. UltraMate SG granules are uniform, easy to handle and easy to mix. These granules dissolve rapidly into solutions with pH ranging from 2-12 to provide maximum flexibility for tank mixes or single application. UltraMate SG contains a combination of fulvic and humic acids. Allows plants to utilize applied N, P and micro-nutrients more eciently, reducing leaching and improving soil structure.

  • Highly concentrated soluble granule containing 70% humic acid
  • 1.6 lbs. of UltraMate SG is equivalent to 1 gal. of 12% liquid humic acid
  • Dissolves rapidly in fertilizer solutions and water based tank mixes ranging from pH 2-12
  • Contains a combination of fulvic and humic acids along with 14% potassium and 6% sulfur
  • Can be applied through a wide range of application methods,including sprayers, drip irrigation, fertigation and in furrow
  • Easy to handle and cost eective; provides up to 80% savings in freight and storage versus conventional liquid humic acid products
  • One ton of UltraMate SG is roughly equivalent to six 250 gallon totes of 12% liquid humic acid

Product Type: 100% soluble granule
Humic Acid Content: 70% humic acid (A&L method)
Sulfonated: Yes, 6% sulfur
Soluble Potash: 14%
Moisture: 4%
Bulk Density: 51 lbs/cu ft
Package Size: 30 lb poly bag
2 x 6 lb case
Typical Rate: 8 – 54 oz./acre

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