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Ultravent is a specially designed net for installation on warm greenhouses openings. It has been developed by Texinov in collaboration with the French National Research Institute for Agriculture (INRA) and patented. Its special mesh enables exclusion of the smallest pests (bemisia, aphids…), while optimizing ventilation (+30 to 40% more air than a conventional net). The very thin yarns give a very low shading. Its use limits the pesticide quantities and enables BIP (biological integrated protection) .


Greenhouses openings protection in warm areas, compatible with mechanical opening systems (possible insertion of cables).

Excludes pests from : tomato, cucumber, aubergine, flowers….

Durability: 5 seasons under European climatic conditions.

Technical parameters:

  • Run-resistant net with rectangular mesh, opening size 250 x 720 microns
  • Improved ventilation : crops breathe better,
  • Low temperature influence, attenuation of variations,
  • Controlled hygrometry

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