Model ULW - Field Transfer Trailers



HAWE field transfer trailers for grain, seed and fertiliser are the key machines for high output harvesting with all combining crops, increasing combine output by up to 25 percent for small grains and around 40 percent with grain maize. For an optimal ULW to suit your specialised needs HAWE offers 4 different types of field transfer trailer with one, two or three axles and capacities of 16 to 38 cubic metres. HAWE is one of the leading producers of professional field transfer trailers worldwide.

  • Better performance in cereal and oilseed harvests through unloading combines on the move
    More efficiency at sowing through faster filling of drills via chute or auger
  • Less soil compaction in the fields through field transfer trailers’ large-volume low profile tyres. Road going vehicles remain on field edges and keep off the soil surface
  • High-speed unloading through large-dimension unloading auger on the field transfer trailer
  • Sectioned unloading auger, hydraulically foldable and centrally mounted
  • Trailers with single, tandem or tridem running gear
  • 4 types available with 16 to 38 cubic metre capacities
  • Sufficient for the grain tank capacities of the market’s highest performance combines
  • With an auger delivery height of 4.60 metres all road-going vehicles can be rapidly and safely loaded
  • Choice of tyre types from large selection
  • Optional weighing computer with display in tractor cab
  • Custom paint jobs on request

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