AB Umega

- Model SPA3 (3 t.) - Tractor Semi-Trailer , Tipping on Three Sides



Agricultural tipping trailers are manufactured for transporting agricultural or other types of cargo.

Tipping on three sides,body with all the removable (lower and upper) ends, sides profiled sheet.Uniaxial chassis, without springs, the pneumatic brake system.
  • Trailers are equipped with lighting and light signaling systems.
The quality of trailers is ensured through a quality management system certified under ISO 9001:2000/LST EN ISO 9001:2000. The trailers have been tested by the Machinery Testing Laboratory at the State Machinery Testing Station and comply with Standard LST EN 1853:2000 under Technical Regulation for Machine Safety. Our trailers are intended to be operated by tractors that comply with the technical requirements for the trailers.

  • Trailer type: SPA3
  • Maximum permissible load mass, kg: 3 000
  • Volume, m3:: 
    • with lower drop sides: 1,3
    • with lower and upper drop sides: 3,8
  • Body length (internal), mm (L): 3000
  • Body width (internal), mm: 1500
  • Height of lower drop sides, mm (A): 300
  • Height of upper drop sides, mm (B): 550
  • Height of floor from ground, mm (h): 900
  • Maximal tipped height, mm (H1): 3440
  • Angle of tip, degrees: 47
  • Standard tyres: 10,0/75-15,3
  • Support leg: mechanical
  • Maximum travel speed, km/h: 30
  • Overall dimensions , mm:: 
    • length: 4200
    • width: 1580
    • height: 1750
  • Unladen weight, kg: 1030
  • Tractor horse-power recommended, AJ: 30

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