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For applying herbicides to provide a weed free strip in row crops such as vines. Supplied in 250mm, 400mm, 600mm and 900mm sizes to suit the row spacing and treatment width required.  A 250mm size is also available to special order when very narrow row widths are used. The Undavina provides efficient control of weeds around the base of vines and trees using the cost saving advantages of proven and advanced Enviromist technology.

Look at the benefits the Undavina has to offer:-

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • A shrouded CDA spray head allows for more efficient use of chemicals.
  • Low volume, less weight means less soil compaction and fuel savings.
  • Minimal spray drift, even on windy days.
  • Less down time through filling, calibrating and travelling saves wages.
  • Universal fittings for all 4 wheel ATV's and most tractors.

The Undavina is an orchard and vineyard specialist.

The Undavina has been developed especially for under vine strip spraying in vineyards, however its versatility has led to use in other varied growing situations including trees.

Being able to spray volumes as low as 15 litres per sprayed hectare gives the Undavina many advantages over conventional spray methods.

Enviromist's advanced technology increases accuracy of spray delivery, achieves optimum coverage with lower mixture volumes, and virtually eliminates drift loss.

Every drop counts! - increasing effectiveness and the time between re-spraying.

Advanced CDA technology makes every drop count.

The Undavina features controlled droplet application (CDA) that uses a spinning disc, rotary atomiser to produce optimum sized, evenly distributed spray droplets.

Flow control at your fingertips

Enviromist's control system allows for flow monitoring of each individual head as well as a light indicator to monitor the working of the CDA motor.

Breakaway system protects plants

Plant health is protected with Enviromist's breakaway system which gently deflects and rolls around young plants while the shroud protects the butt from harmful, unwanted spray.

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