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Model UNI IMM 900 - Automatic Self Adjusting Emptying Systems


We have developed automatic, self-adjusting emptying systems dedicated to emptying of each and every fruit. These solutions guarantee ideal continuity in the supply of sorting lines ensuring a higher yield to the entire processing line. Our technologies are flexible and can be customized to meet the requirements of fruit & vegetable processing plants; what’s more, they enable a significant reduction in costs linked to the use of manual labour.

The innovative automatic system for dumping bins of floating fruit (e.g. apples) and non-floating fruit (e.g. pears) in water, with stacking and destacking functions.

UNI_IMM 900 is extremely compact and takes up far less space than traditional dumpers. The submersion dumper comprises a sturdy track-mounted mobile column equipped with a clamp; depending on the requirements of the product being handled, it can tip the product into the water and rotate the bins. In addition, the system can accurately stack and unstack up to 3 bins. It is a highly flexible and productive system which is easy to operate and program.

Delicate handling:
product integrity is guaranteed.

Reduction of costs and increase of volume and product throughput.

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