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Model UNI_ROV 300 and 250 - Automatic Self Adjusting Emptying Systems


We have developed automatic, self-adjusting emptying systems dedicated to emptying of each and every fruit. These solutions guarantee ideal continuity in the supply of sorting lines ensuring a higher yield to the entire processing line. Our technologies are flexible and can be customized to meet the requirements of fruit & vegetable processing plants; what’s more, they enable a significant reduction in costs linked to the use of manual labour.

UNI_ROV 300.
UNI_ROV 300 300 is an innovative self-regulating patented dumper for a continuous, delicate and gradual fruit emptying into the bins. The system permits to eliminate the pulmonation belt placed after the machine so that it can be located in tighter spaces. The machine is provided with a full bin destacker and an empty bin stacker with relative buffering stations. Potentiality: up to 130 bins/hour.

UNI_ROV 250.
UNI_ROV 250 is the Unitec solution for gentle and continuous dumping needs of fruit in bins with a gentle, versatile and reliable machine equipped with full bins destacker and empty bins stacker unit. The higher inclination of bins during emptying phase reduces the downloading height of fruits on the rubber and allows their more gentle handling compared to other systems available on the market. The higher inclination of bins also allows emptying bins of non spherical shaped fruits (i.e. kiwi fruits, pears, etc.) without using the vibration system. UNI_ROV 250 can be used with different types of plastic or wooden bins of different sizes. It is also equipped with automatic height self-adjusting device. The simplicity of its mechanical structure guarantees a high reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Thanks to the higher inclination of bins during emptying phase, UNI_ROV 250 guarantees a uniform flow of fruits, with the same quantity of product for each download, in particular during the final emptying phase, increasing the line downstream performance.

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