Model UNIFLOW4 - Stainless Steel Lower Section Milking Equipment


The device has a solid, stainless steel lower section and a transparent upper section. Also available with conductivity meter (at 15-minute intervals) Ample dimensions offer flow of up to 14 litres a minute.

The special geometric design and flexible, premium rubber material make the liner easy to attach to the cow with a minimum inflow of air. The rubber liner adapts to the size and shape of the udder, ensures a free flow of milk and prevents air intake during the final phase of milking. The short milking hoses are flexible and can adjust to fit every cow's udder, teat size and position.

For the cow:

  • High-yielding islands
  • Fast milk flow
  • Problem-free milking
  • Stable vacuum
  • Better udder health and lower cell count
  • Suitable for all breeds of cattle

For the milk:

  • Excellent milk quality
  • Gentle milk treatment
  • Natural milk flow
  • Lower acid content
  • Optimal milk quality
  • Hygienic liner made of premium rubber material

For the milker:

  • Value for money
  • UNIFLOW4 is compatible with UNIFLOW3
  • New rectangular liner for longer useful life
  • Next-generation farming
  • Ergonomic design adapted to daily routines
  • Easy to clean

Technical data

  • UNIFLOW4 with plastic teat cup liners: 1.63 kg
  • UNIFLOW4 with stainless steel teat cup liners: 2.16 kg
  • UNIFLOW4 Steel is available in two variants: with and without closing valve
  • Mastitis detector device (optional accessory to UNIFLOW4)
  • UNIFLOW4S with stainless steel cluster cover

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