- Model Unipuls 2 - Vacuum-Controlled Pulsator


The Unipuls 2 pulsator is a vacuum-controlled pulsator, which regulates milk flow. The switch allows for stepless adjustment of pulsation frequency. Unipuls 2 displays only a minimal difference in speed at different temperatures. A combination of fluid-regulated pulsation frequency and stepless regulation via the switch creates ideal pulsation conditions and therefore optimal milking. Vacuum levels from 32-54 kPa for dairy cows.

  • Vacuum-powered pulsator with flow regulation
  • Stepless pulsation frequency adjustment
  • The switch allows for stepless adjustment of pulsation frequency.
  • Only minimal speed difference at different temperatures
  • External adjustment screw to set pulsation frequency.

  • Pulsation frequency: 30-120 pulsations per minute
  • Vacuum levels 32-54 kPa
  • Weight: 332 g
  • Ambient temperature range from -8 °C to +50 °C
  • Electronic pulsator system for milking parlours

SAC's electronic pulsator system features a built-in control to ensure that the cluster does not go into phase at the same time. The electronic pulsator system ensures regular air consumption and stable milk vacuum. Vacuum fluctuations are restricted to a minimum, which reduces the number of cases of mastitis.

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