- Milk Measuring Flexible System



Unipuls is the most flexible system on the market for management in a modern dairy. With the Unipuls system it is possible to start with automation that fits the best for your farm and livestock and to be extended in later phases, whilst retaining the earlier investments.

Unipuls Milking parlour keyboard

The Unipuls milking parlour keyboard is easy to use. With a single keyboard, it is possible to serve two milking places. This is space-and cost-saving.

The Unipuls milking parlour keyboard can be used in different ways, both as a ' stand alone ' as a linked system with cow identification and/or management software. In addition to measuring and registering the milk yield, milk time etc, the system also has the following features:Pulsation control, automatic take off

  • Pulsation control, automatic take off and milk measuring
  • Pulsation control, automatic take off and conductivity
  • Pulsation control, automatic take off, milk measuring and conductivity

The Unipuls milking parlour keyboard is equipped with a large LCD display where all the information about the individual cow can be shown at the place of milking. The farmer can choose  what information is displayed and in what order.

When the Unipuls keyboard is combined with individual animal ID and linked to a PC, it is possible to use milking settings per animal. This results in optimal settings per individual animal.

Unipuls Milk meter

The Unipuls milk meter has an ICAR-approval to a milk speed of 15 liters per minute, where the default for other types of milk meters is 12 liters per minute.

The Unipuls milk meter is small and compact and is therefore suitable for practically each type of parlour. Due to the unique cleaning method an effective cleaning of the milk meter with low water consumption is assured.

The milk measurement is based on a very simple and accurate measurement principle, where milk is collected in a double tipping scale. Each half of this tipping scale may contain 100 grams of milk. When one half is filled, gravity will tip the scale and the milk is flowing quietly in the milk line and the other half is filled. The 100 grams servings of milk is increasing the milk yield . It will also activate the determination of the appropriate take off moment.

In the milk meter there is no electronics and/or electrical coils. This guarantees a reliable operation and extremely low maintenance costs.

Unipuls cow ID

For individual cow ID Insentec BV uses TIRIS-ISO transponders. This can be combined with MRS. © (Motion Registration System). Individual cow ID takes place by means of a walk through antenna in the entrance of the milking parlour.

The simple construction guarantees a long life time, requires minimal maintenance and provide a safe and reliable individual cow ID.

Ceres Management Software

The management software system “Ceres” distinguishes itself through its very user-friendly operation and well-organized grouped information. Extremely simple to enter and retrieve information or change cow specific settings,  characterize the user-friendliness of this management program which is completely Windows-related.

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