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Universal Nets, who were pioneers in net development for the Southern Blue Fin Tuna industry and are major suppliers to local and overseas fish farmers, use finest filament Raschel or knotless netting material. Knotless netting is considered the best choice for finfish aquaculture as it is stronger than traditional knotted material and causes less damage to the fish. Raschel netting is made from ultraviolet treated nylon and polyester offering a longer in-service life - indeed, a number of Universal nets are still in use after 7 years.


The choice of netting ply size and strength is dependant on whether there is a predator presence - say sharks or seals. Also, it is generally wise to over specify to a slightly heavier material thus extending net life, and offering improved security and safety in rough and or abrasive conditions.

Universal Nets' design for finfish nets includes a built in bottom weight system to maintain net shape.

Universal Nets' set up system for salmon sea cage nets and similar sized finfish species, allows flexibility in net cleaning and changing. Their nets can include swim through gates to allow transfer of fish between nets.


Universal Nets build sea cages and accompanying nets to meet all species and age/size group needs. However, both companies are expert in building large enclosures, with much greater strength, longer equipment life and optimisation of stock density to fish size and lifecycle.

Larger cages and nets allow most species a more natural environment, with sufficient depth and volume to allow fish access to cooler water, sunlight avoidance and proper exercise. This environment tends to produce a more market acceptable product.

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