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universal is the press-fitting system by aquatechnik group s.p.a., made up of multi-calor (PE-X/Al/PE-X) or multi-eco (PE-X/Al/PE-HD) pipes
and PPSU press fittings: it is suitable to instal sanitary systems, as well as heating systems with radiators and radiant panels. The universal system complies with the standards in force, especially with the European EN ISO 21003 standard.

  • Multi-jaw system, pressing guaranteed with the clamp types mentioned in the table
  • Safe system, if a clamping operation is not performed, the system testing will highlight a considerable leak of liquid from the fitting/pipe junction
  • Protected O-rings, the fitting was designed so that the O-rings cannot get damaged when the fitting is introduced into the pipe
  • PPSU fittings, the entire range of fittings is fully made with Polyphenylsulfone
  • Tested male/female threads, the male and female threads (made with PPSU) were designed according to the ten-year experience gained with the safety system fittings

The system can be used in all plants for civil house-building:

  • conveyance nets and sanitation (rising pipes, back ones, interception collectors, traditional conveyance)
  • thermal stations, power to thermal appliances, traditional central heating with modular collectors for the distribution to the heating and conditioning devices, and so on...
  • conditioning and climatization plants
  • heating and cooling panel plants
  • greenhouse and garden irrigation and nebulizing plants.

In other sectors:

  • distribution and supply of compressed air
  • technical facilitiies for the service of machinery and wherever it is necessary to convey a fluid or compatible gas

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