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Universal Sorter Machine


The base of the universal sorting machine is derived from the concept of the solid Jamafa length sorter. In practice it has been found that these machines can run smoothly for 30 years. We continued this concept. The universal Sorter is bigger and faster than its predecessor. The sorting bins are larger and higher. The compartments were 400 mm wide and now they are 500 mm wide. Because the sorting compartments are also higher there can be put more products in the compartments in case of volume production. For the more vulnerable products, the bottom of the sorting compartment can be placed upwards, so these products have a smaller falling distance.

This sorter is designed for small flower products such as the Tulip, Zantedeschia, Rose etc. as well as for volume products (Hypericum, Rosehips, Spray Roses, Floribunda Roses Peonies, Skimmia, Viburnum, Snowball and Snowberry). This machine is also suitable for sorting rootstocks of fruit trees. Depending on the product, wide or narrow trays can be placed in the machine.

The machine can except to length, also sort on volume (of a twig), bud size of a flower, color, length of berry yield, volume of berry yield (eg Ilex) and thickness of the twig.

Narrow and wide trays: Narrow trays are 100 mm wide and wide trays are 220 mm wide. A machine filled with narrow trays can process up to 7200 products per hour. A machine with wide trays can process up to 5000 products per hour.

Material: The trays are made of Shockproof ABS formed out of one plastic plate. These trays have no slots or holes so the products do not hook on the trays. The trays have a smooth surface so they are easy to clean.

Programs: per sorting program you can enter four sorting criteria. These criteria can be different for each program. So, it is possible to sort many different products on 1 machine. The settings for sorting can be determined by the user and will be stored in a recipe. This machine can contain hundreds of recipes, which you can select and load into the control. You can choose immediately the correct settings of a program so the machine can start to sort out the various products correctly.

This machine is also excellently suited to sort different crops with different sorting properties together. For example, light and heavy types of Hypericum and Ilex one after another.

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