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The UNIVERSAL 1000l atmosizer is a simple, practical, cost-efficient and above all effective machine. With a 900 mm diameter propeller, with or without turret, it can guarantee a large amount of air which in turn means high treatment speed or a good ability to oppose any winds that might rise during application.

Air volume at 540 rpm and two separate speeds of 25000-60000m³/h

  • Comet IDS 1501 4-diaphragm pumps 150l/min
  • Tank to clean the system, hand basin
  • Container for pesticides
  • Machine controls in ergonomic position
  • Dual pressure
  • Premix and bottle washer
  • Chemical suction probe
  • 16 adjustable nozzle holders with three types of nozzle
  • Bypassable double mixing
  • Manual, electric or computerised controls
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Chassis
  • Tiller bar with road approval

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