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Unlike other systems on the market, we use state-of-the-art, ozone-purification technology, which purifies water from all types of contaminants without leaving harmful by-products. Our custom combination of ozone injection dosage, super saturation, and multi-stage filtration – on-flow and on-demand up to any flow rate – diffuses, purifies, and disinfects, creating high-quality drinking water for your cows. Our system is low-maintenance, low energy, and requires no chemical consumables. The result is a more-effective and reliable system than any other method currently available.

Water 4 Dairy is now conducting research and development to add reverse osmosis technology onto our product line. Dairy’s with high TDS, Sodium, Nitrate, and other dissolved solids will soon be able to buy a solution from Water 4 Dairy. Ozone is an essential compliment to reverse osmosis (RO) – with our system  you will need half the size of an RO and produce 1/3 the waste stream then with using just an RO on its own. We will keep you posted on our product development progress.

System customized for your specific water treatment and usage requirements designed to optimize your dairy’s productivity

  • Increased milk production & butterfat content
  • Stabilize water quality to your herd
  • Improved animal and overall herd health
  • Improved performance from water related dairy equipment and infrastructure

  • Ozone dosage range from 4 grams/hr to 30 grams/hr cleaning the dirtiest water
  • Available in 15, 30, 60 and 120 Gallon Per Minute (GPM) flow rates

Ozone used to Purify and Disinfect your Water

  • No consumables – reduces or eliminates the use of harsh chemicals
  • Ozone produced onsite using ambient oxygen
  • End product is clean, fresh, oxygen rich water

Customized Multi Stage Filtration with Automatic Backwash

  • Optimizes the effectiveness of your water system based on your specific requirements
  • Low maintenance with programmable automatic backwash during low water use times

Super Saturation Recirculation Loop

  • Micro Bubble ozone injection and diffusion optimizing disinfection capability
  • Super saturation loop recycles water through system more than once to load contaminated water with ozone
  • 4 minutes of peak flow ozone rich water stored in system to ensure no gaps in water treatment

Modular system design to accommodate peak flow rates

  • Optimized sizing for your water usage requirements

On Flow on Demand Water Treatment

  • Water is treated when you need it
  • Reduces system footprint due to no onsite water storage requirements
  • System plugs into your existing water infrastructure minimizing onsite installation costs

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