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Model UP Series - 5 Row Koningsplanter with Pressrolls Planter



The KONINGSPLANTER for onion sets, garlic's or shallot's.The KONINGSPLANTER is available in various models, from 4-row to 18-row.The patented supply regulation system ensures flawless operation and perfect supply regulation. It is easy to operate, easy to adjust and has a high capacity: driving speed up to 7km per hour.The planting depth can be set easily and thanks to the adjustable spring pressure the planting feet – suspended from a parallelogram frame – will then follow any unevenness in the field.

The KONINGSPLANTER can be equipped with two different covering systems.With one system, small ridging discs move the soil back to form a small ridge on the tubers.With the other system, the tubers are pushed gently into the soil with a press roller and then covered by a shallow layer of soil by means of scrapers.

The KONINGSPLANTER is available in different types, allowing the customer to determine row distance, number of rows and wheel track width.

The most current models are the 5-row type with a wheel track of 1.5m, the 6-row type with a wheel track of 1.8m and the 18-row machine with a wheel track of 4.6m.

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