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Model UPU-O - Vertical Dryer



Source product passes successively through drying section, where contact with the pipes, hot steam. Then the grain goes to the cooling section, where it is cooled by blowing air and then displayed through a special graduation mechanism. Purpose and scope: Dryer is for drying grain cereals during hydrothermal treatment in the formulation of cereals.

  1. Drying sections equipped with a device to connect to the forced ventilation, that intensifies the drying process;
  2. Cooling section equipped with a device of cooling air distribution and control, that facilitates uniform cooling of the product;
  3. Modernized discharge mechanism ensures uniformity of the product discharge with a set productivity, as well as in automatic mode;
  4. Increased number of tubes in the drying sections provides high level of the product drying;
  5. Precise and smooth adjustment and cooling uniformity due to the presence of separate chokes in the cooling section;
  6. Outlet section design provides the optimal product discharge and ensures high quality processing of the product;
  7. Components from leading European manufacturers;
  8. Meets high hygienic requirements due to stainless food steel used.

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