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uPVC Rigid Pipes



Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), an organic material in plastic class has wide range of applications. Pipes manufactured with this material, well known as PVC Pipes, have been widely accepted as replacement to GI, CI & MS pipes due to its lightweight, easy transportation, material characteristics and its price / performance ratio. It has less frictional losses, deposit of scaling and zero corrosion. Commonly referred to as vinyl, PVC is a common plastic used in a wide variety of products such as piping, flooring, wallpaper, window frames, siding, office equipment and children’s toys. Rigid PVC pipes manufactured range from 20 to 315 mm and have pressure ratings of 2.5,4,6,8,10 and 12.5Kgf/cm2. As per IS: 4985-2000 15Kgf/cm2.


With advantages such as easy installation, economy, maintenance free, smooth flow, durability and reliability, Rigid PVC pipes and fittings enjoys applications in:

  • Irrigation
  • Rural and suburban water supply.
  • Industrial & Chemical Conversion & drainage system.
  • Bio-gas transmission.
  • Tube well casing.
  • Domestic plumbing & drainage.
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation system etc
  • Potable water supplies.
  • Agricultural and lift irrigation system.
  • Telecommunication ducting.
  • Natural gas & Petroleum Lines.
  • Open & underground drainage for housing colonies.
  • Air condition & industrial ducting.


  • Corrosion Proof.
  • Light Weight, Yet Strong.
  • Smooth Bore in Comparison to AC, GI Pipes thereby better flow characteristics.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Resistant to Aggressive Environment.
  • Fire Resistant due to its Self Extinguishing Quality.
  • Good Chemical Resistant.
  • Suitable for Working up to 500C as Thermal Conditions.
  • Long lasting – uPVC is free from weakness caused by scale formatting, rusting, weathering & chemical action which makes uPVC more durable for rated working conditions.
  • Negligible Maintenance.
  • Approved by Engineers in Govt. /Semi Govt. and also in Private Sector Companies.

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